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Best Digital Cameras

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Welcome to the Amazonia template showcase site. This site was created with JumpStart Pro in one evening. I used my Amazon associates account to pull images, affiliate links and content over.

The first thing I did, after installing the Amazonia premium template, was to create my three categories, “Cameras Under $100″, “Cameras $100-$200″ and “Cameras over $200″.

Once I had the categories created, I began adding posts to the “Cameras under $100″ category. I grabbed the content for each of these posts from the Amazon product page, and used the “Featured Image” to upload the Amazon product image for each. I also heavily utilized the new “Featured Image Links to:” option to paste in my affiliate code for each product. ClickBump 5 automatically wraps my affiliate link around the featured image.

Another feature I’ve implemented on this site is a two column layout for the content area text. I’m currently using custom css for this, but I’m considering adding it to “ClickBump > Layout” options as a point and click field.

Please share your thoughts at the user forums. I’ve created a dedicated forum thread just for this site.

Enjoy the site!